Dec 2014

This is me, Susie.

Picture taken before I knew I had cancerous cells in my  body.

I am 47 years old, a mom of two boys, wife of one, and owned by two pets.

Theme for my journey: 

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

-Author known. 

D – day was March 17th, 2015. Doctor called to tell me that my test results from my biopsy came back.  I had breast cancer.  Fast forward to April 15, 2015, I had a bilateral mastectomy.  I got my cancer staging from there.  Stage 3a.  Two tumors in the right breast, and 6 out of 13 lymph nodes had cancer cells.

Treatment Plan:  Bilateral Mastectomy, chemotherapy & radiation.

Family Medical History:  I have one brother and one sister.  Both had cancer.  My sister had breast cancer.  She found cancer in her breast in 2012.  My brother, found out in 2012 that he had cancer.  He had terminal brain cancer.  Yes, three out of three children have/had cancer.  Genetic testing did not show a link.  Who knows, in years or decades to come there might be another panel that will be tested and show there is a genetic link.  Until then we wonder.  Environment, or something else, like hormone therapy?  Combination of all?

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